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Multi-Purpose Multi-Surface

These before and after photos submitted by our customers show the breadth of the types of dirt and variety of surfaces our CWP ProSeries Cleaners clean.

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Remarkable Clean!

When we say “Grab the Power!” we mean ‘you get the same chemically engineered cleaning products the professionals use’, CWP ProClean cleaners. Makes your cleaning projects as remarkable as these awnings.

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The Most Versatile Cleaner

ProClean cleaners are the most versatile. You can actually clean your bathroom with them and then clean your engine.

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Fantastic Results

The key advantages of CWP ProSeries Mold & Algae Remover is that it quickly releases mold and algae from the surface and prevents regrowth by destroying its spores.

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Available at On-Line and in Retail Stores

CWP ProSeries’ products are now available on-line through and You can also find our products in select retail stores.

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Renew and Preserve

A combination of CWP ProSeries Cleaners and Sealers can both remove years of dirt, grime, mold, algae and stains and preserve and extend the lifetime of your valuable assets.

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Improve the Look Extend the Life

Mold and fungi can be devastating to concrete because unlike other plantlife they can’t make their own food, so the feast upon your concrete. Make your concrete look new again while extending it life.

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Remarkable Performance

This is the floor of a convenience store in a major U.S. city after 25 years of regular maintenance, after cleaning with ProClean and after coating with ProCoat.

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Winter Cleaning

Cleaning doesn’t stop in the winter. ProClean products makes short work out of cleaning soot and creosote on your fireplace and more! And road salt on your car. It cleans that too!

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How To Center

Helpful tips and information on How To use CWP ProSeries Cleaners in a variety of cleaning situations.

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Commercial Use

CWP ProClean products are used by hospitals, schools, nursing homes, convenience stores and more. Check out some of our commercial cleaning projects.

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New Products

We’re excited to bring the product we’ve developed for commercial applications to the consumer market. Check out some of the new products that we’ve just released.

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What’s Your Problem?

  • Water Intrusion

    Water is absorbed and wicked into concrete, granite, marble and stone quite easily and can lead to the growth of mold, mildew & algae. Our ProSeal product line is specially design to stop water intrusion problems with multiple levels of protection. Learn more

  • Grease, Dirt & Stains

    Heavy grease and grim, oil, dirt, stains, mold, algae, oxidation, animal waste, leaf, plants and grass stains are no match for ProClean CL 5500, a concentrated, industrial strength cleaner for serious cleaning. Learn more

  • Mold & Algae

    Mold and algae present an unsightly and unhealthy mess that destroys substrates. Our solution is to first clean the mold and algae, its spores using our Advance Mold & Algae Cleaner CL-5100 and seal the substrate with Bio-Sealer Concentrate WB-1275, prohibiting regrowth.

  • Rust Stains

    Rust is eyesore and develop into a scale more so than a stain requiring abrasive cleaning and unwanted change in the appearance of the masonry. No more! Our Rust Stain Remover CL-5200, is a carefully selected blend of acids and surfactants that eliminates rust stains. Learn more

  • Floor Maintenance

    Countless maintenance staff hours are spent wax, burnishing, stripping and rewaxing these floors. Our VCT coating eliminate this labor while providing a more durable, easy to clean floor free of wax deposit, water pits, and burnishing burns. Learn more

  • Unsanitary conditions

    Cleaning biofilm formation on food service areas, table, chairs, floors and other services, as well as mold, mildew and fungus growth it fairly easy but requires persistence. We can prevent it in the first place. Learn more.

  • Concrete, Brick, Stone Issues

    Many business experience damage from water, oil, stains, mild acids, heavy traffic, abrasion, mold and algae. CWP ProSeries coatings and sealers are extremely durable, UV stable, and peel and flake resistant and protects concrete, masonry, stone, granite marble and other substrate from the destructive forces of water, chloride ion penetration, food and beverage acids, bird and animal waste matter, salt spray, gum, graffiti and biological growth like mold and algae. Learn more


John, The building looks great. Please pass onto your guys what a great job they did.

J. Watson, Director of Facilities

J. Watson, Director of Facilities
Nanticoke Health Care

The combination of CWPs ProClean and ProSeal made my 20 year old convenience store floor look like new again.

M. Bashir, Proprietor

M. Bashir, Proprietor
Food←In 24 Hour Mart