Animal Pens and Bedding

Recommended Products: ProClean POWER Concentrate™, ProClean ULTIMATE™ Professional Grade Cleaner & Degreaser or ProClean MOLD, MILDEW and ALGAE™

Suggested Dilution Rate: Full strength, or 4:1 dilution for ProClean POWER Concentrate™

pet beddingInstructions: Thoroughly rinse dirt, debris, and animal waste from the area to be clean. We recommend the use a pump sprayer to spray cleaner onto all surfaces. Give the product sufficient time to work…slight agitation might be required…don’t let product dry on surface, Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer or garden hose.

Description: Animal and pets pens & cages can accumulate a variety of contaminants even with frequent cleaning. Dirt, feed waste, animal waste and urine, and organic matter such as straw, grass and hay in varying degrees of decomposition are also present. ProClean POWER™, ProClean ULTIMATE™ and ProClean MOLD, MILDEW and ALGAE™ are chemically formulated to attack organic matter, neutralize proteins, break down oils, and prepare the surface for rinsing. Because of the variety of substrates that may be involved we recommend rinsing the pen or cage thoroughly with water using a pressure washer, if available, or a garden hose at it higher water pressure setting. You will want to thoroughly saturate porous surfaces in order to remove all contaminants released by the cleaner and to neutralize the cleaner. Animals and pets must be removed from the area to be cleaned and may be returned to the areas when the cleaner has be thoroughly rinsed and the area dry.

Customer Submission: Works great on Horse Blankets (pictured below) too!

horse blanket dirty     horse blanket clean

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