Antique Hardware

A customer provided us shots the brass hardware on her antique chest. She explained that after soaking them overnight in ProClean ULTIMATE Professional Grade Cleaner™, decades of tarnish and dirt brush away with a brass hobby brush and a good rinsing with water.

Metal surfaces, such as these handles, accumulate not only oxidation of the metal, but dirt and oils transferred by hands touching the surfaces hundreds or thousand of times. ProClean ULTIMATE™, our most powerful ready to use formulation, removes on all types of contaminants using a technology we call “4 Part Cleaning™“. Our proprietary blend of surfactants penetrate deep into the contamination at a molecular level, breaking the bond that hold, dirt, organic contaminants, proteins, oils and even oxidation to the surface. Rinsing is easy with just plain water.

Caution. CWP ProSeries™ cleaners are exceptional metal cleaners and are used on car & trucks, tools, appliances, door knobs and more. However, the surfactants in ProClean ULTIMATE™ react with aluminum, creating a bright, clean, matt finish. If you prefer shiny aluminum, do not use on aluminum parts that are uncoated.

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