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Antique Hardware

Recommended Product: Recommended Products: ProClean CL-5525

Suggested Dilution Rate: Full Strength

Instructions: Remove hardware from the antique and place in container. Pour in enough ProClean CL-5525 to cover all hardware. Let sit overnight. Using a soft brush (plastic or brass) gently scrub the hardware until clean, rinse thoroughly with water and dry with paper towel.

Description: CL-5525 is especially formulated to remove organic material such as mold, algae, dirt and grease as well as oxidation associated with some metals. Tarnish and dingy older metals is typically caused by atmospheric contamination and moisture over an extended period of time, as well as dirt and body oils from handling the metals. ProClean CL-5525 is designed to attack these contaminants at their source permitting easy removal.

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