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Building Exterior Renewal

Whether a building’s exterior is brick, concrete, stone, wood, vinyl siding, Dryvit, metal or glass, sooner or later Mother Nature will have her way. Water can penetrate causing a host of issue, mold, stains, mildew and rust. Substrate can rust and oxidize spreading stains to adjacent surfaces. Depending on your problem, we have a variety of industrial cleaner the remove mold and mildew, rust, stains, and graffiti. We have coatings that protect concrete, metal, stone, pavers, plastic, vinyl and even VCT. We have sealers that penetrate deep into porous substrates to protect them from water intrusion, mold, mildew and stains.

The facility shown above endured a persistent water intrusion problem. After several approaches were attempted by the client, Coatings With a Purpose was asked to address the issue. We resolved the issue by thoroughly cleaning the building, replaced weather caulk, and sealing the extensive brick work with our ProSeal Bio WB-1275 Concentrate. The results are dramatic. Not only did we resolve the water intrusion problem, our ProClean CL-5100 Mold & Algae removed the mold, water and algae, leaving a 45 year old facility looking rather new.


In its simplest form, cleaning surfaces is breaking the chemical bonds of the substances you don’t want on a surface. Traditional cleaners typically approach this issue with harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, lye, acids and acetone to clean surfaces. It’s like using an explosive, blasting contaminants so hard with chemicals that they destroy the surface they’re trying to clean and creating toxic conditions unsafe for people and the environment.

Better Cleaning Through Better Chemistry

To safely clean a surface without destroying it in the process and without exposing people or the environment to toxins, you need to “break” the chemical bonds of the contaminant has with your surface, not the surface itself. Take mold and algae, for example. The traditional approach is to use bleaches to kill the mold and algae but offered little in the way of removal and prevent. The results are disappointing as mold and algae left behind regrew within months. Our ProClean CL-5100 Mold & Algae not only remove most mold and algae species and biological fouling, using ProSeal Bio WB-1275 Concentrate provides the elimination of microorganism regrowth.

Surfaces we encounter every day, from wood, tile, metal, brick, stone and painted surfaces, are made up of molecules bonded together in tight formations. When properly understood, cleaners can be applied to these substrate that target these weaker bonds of graffiti without affecting the underlying substrate and without using chemicals that create toxic conditions. They’re not “Miracle Cleaners”, just good science.

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