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Hospital Tested Cleaners that Work

Whether a building’s exterior is brick, concrete, stone, wood, vinyl siding, Dryvit, metal or glass, sooner or later Mother Nature will have her way. Water can penetrate causing a host of issues such as mold, mildew, algae growth and stains. Can you imagine mold spores raining down on visitors entering this facility?

CWP ProClean™ cleaner were born of the need to clean a facility like you see pictured here, an active hospital. It needed to be cleaned but the cleaner could not be toxic, have nauseous smells or harm people and plants in the vicinity of the cleaning.

The facility shown above endured a persistent water intrusion problem. After several approaches were contacted by the client, Coatings With a Purpose (manufacturers of the CWP ProClean™ line of cleaners) was asked to address the issue. We resolved the issue by thoroughly cleaning the building with CWP ProClean POWER Concentrated Cleaner™, replacing weather caulk, and sealing the extensive brick work. The results are dramatic. Not only did we resolve the water intrusion problem, we used CWP ProClean Mold, Mildew & Algae™ remover.  The work left the 45 year old facility looking rather new.

CWP ProClean™ cleaners, have been designed with “4 Part Cleaning™” technology. This proprietary chemical formulation enables CWP ProClean™ cleaners to work when other cleaners fail, without toxic chemicals, solvents and chlorine bleach and they are nonflammable.

Replace or Restore?

In building restoration and home maintenance, cleaning rather than replacing maybe the answer. If the substrate is in good condition, such as vinyl or wood siding, roof shingles, roof tiles, brick walls, or painted surfaces, you should consider cleaning before replacement. It’s a fraction of the cost and can usually be done in a day rather than waiting weeks. We’ll share a couple rather impressive real-life examples, where homeowners used our CWP ProClean™ cleaning products.

Restoring Roof Tile

This homeowner faced an estimate of over $33,000 to replace the entire roof.  But with CWP ProClean POWER™ his cost was under $2000, cleaner plus labor of a local contractor and the roof looks good as new!

Cleaning Asphalt Roof Shingles

This homeowner faced an estimate of over $10,000 to replace his roof. With CWP ProClean POWER™ his cost was under $300 and a Saturday afternoon. It worked so well he cleaned his whole house!

Restoring Wood Siding

A quick inspection shows this wood siding is in pretty good shape. The problem is tannins in the wood degrade and turn gray from the effects for ultraviolet rays from the sun. Also, mold, mildew and algae can grow on this home’s wooded and humid environment.  CWP ProClean Mold, Mildew & Algae™ remover penetrates deep into the wood fibers, breaking down the mold and algae for easy rinsing.

Cleaning Aluminum Siding

Another source of home maintenance issues is mold and algae growth on siding. Even homes just a few years old can face these issues. Pressure washing can remove the mold & algae but they tends to re-occur within a year. Using CWP ProClean Mold, Mildew & Algae™ remover helps by penetrating deep, quickly breaking down the mold and algae.

We added a few other vinyl and aluminum siding photos you might find interested.

Easy Tips!

  1. Pre-treat first.  Our cleaners are designed to penetrate deep into a contaminant. We recommend using a pump sprayer to apply the cleaners allowing it to dwell several minutes before rinsing. For heavy deposits and speedier removal, agitate the contamination with a brush before rinsing.
  2. Don’t apply cleaner to hot surface. Part of the magic of our cleaners is their deep penetration. Hot surfaces can evaporate the product before it gets deep enough to work effectively. If work on a hot day, cool the surface with water before cleaning.
  3. Works with pressure washers. Using CWP ProClean™ with your pressure washer will definitively step up your game.  Although it can be added to your pressure washer’s additive tank, for best results, pretreat the area with the cleaner, then use your pressure washer to blast away that dirt.

Use CWP ProClean™ cleaners before painting. In addition to dirt, mold, mildew, algae, pollen and tree saps, many outdoor painted surfaces oxidize over time. Before you repaint, cleaning theses surfaces with CWP ProClean™ cleaners, to prepare the surface for paint. If cleaning removes paint in spots, its confirmation repainting is needed.  In many cases, the surface just needs cleaned.

For more “How To” tips, visit our “How To” guides.