Cleaners for Cars, Trucks & Farm Equipment

The CWP ProClean™
Cleaners for Your Car, Truck & RV

CWP ProClean AUTO™ Has a complete line of cleaner for your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, ATV and more!

  • Multi-Surface – Safely cleans every surface inside and outside of your vehicle.
  • Multi- Purpose – Cleans every type of dirt from oil and grease on your engine to food spills on your leather seats
  • Cross-Purpose – You can use our AUTO cleaners everywhere, like the RV, on camping gear, the grill, ATV, canoe, inflatables, hunting gear and more.
  • Safe to Use – Contain no toxic chemicals, solvents, bleach, abrasives or flammable liquids.

Multi-Surface – Our Cleaner, this one cleaner, safely cleans every surface inside and outside of your vehicle, the engine, paint, chrome, plastic, vinyl, rubber, wheels, carpet, even cloth and leather upholstery.

Multi- Purpose – Our exclusive “4 Part Cleaning™” technology cleans all types of dirt.  CWP ProClean AUTO™ cleans organic contaminants like dirt, mold, mildew, algae, even brake dust.  It denatures the proteins found in food spills, body fluids & pet accidents. And it cleans every type of oil that affects your car including, of course, motor oils, grease and grime on the engine and wheels. It removes cooking oils left by foods eaten in your vehicle, like french fries and chicken. It removes skin oils that build up on steering wheels, consoles and door handles. It also cleans other types of oils that attract dirt, leaving surfaces looking dirty or discolor, like skin lotions, hair treatments and suntan lotion.

Cross-Purpose – Unlike most cleaners designed for vehicle use, you can use our cleaners everywhere.  Clean the camping gear, the grill, ATV, canoe, inflatables, hunting gear and more.  It will be the most versatile cleaner you’ll even use.

Use CWP ProClean on Recreational Vehicles

Safe to Use – Unlike most automotive cleaner, CWP ProClean AUTO™ contain not toxic chemical, solvents, bleach, or flammable liquids. It safe to use around people, pets and even the landscaping when used as directed. Just spray, let it work a bit, scrub lightly with a microfiber cloth or body brush if needed, and rinse with water using a wet sponge, garden hose or pressure washer as the cleaning project may require.

ProClean removes food spills & mold from leather seatss

Farm Equipment

Introducing the new CWP ProClean Farm™ line of cleaners.  We’ve taken our success in car and truck cleaners and engineered cleaners perfect for farm engines & equipment.

CWP ProClean Farm™ Engine & Equipment Cleaner. When you’re working in the elements, all sorts of dirty happens. From pollutants and contaminates to dust, dirt, grime, and more, your engine and equipment can build up dirt quickly. Our best engine cleaner will work wonders on your engine and equipment, including your farm and ranch equipment. If you’re looking for a powerful cleaning concentrate that will get the job done, look no further.

CWP ProClean Farm™ Parts & Tool Cleaner. When repairing doors, fences, vehicles, heavy equipment, tractors, appliances, and so much more, your tools will get dirty. By having the best cleaning concentrate possible, your tools will be in tip-top shape and ready to tackle your next project.

CWP ProClean Farm™ Tractor, ATV & UTV Cleaner. Farming most definitely has its messes. From plowing in the rain to caring for your cows and chickens, you and your equipment that you use to till the soil and manage manure can get dirty quickly. With our powerful cleaning concentrate, your tractor, ATV, or UTV will look like new once again.

The Perfect Cleaners for these Cleaning Issues

Before After Cleaning Car Engine with CWP ProClean

Mark and Sue from Florida sent us these pictures of his truck engine. He tells us he sprayed on ProClean Ultimate Professional Grade Cleaner™ and rinsed it off with a garden hose. You can see the results for yourself.

CWP ProClean AUTO removes mold from leather seats

Kyle from Florida shared these photos. He left a wet towel on his leather seats. Well, he left town for a week forgetting to remove the towel. When he returned home, mildew had grown into his leather seats. Happily, he removed the entire stain and a few more drink and food spills with CWP ProClean AUTO™.

CWP ProClean AUTO removes insect waste from grills, bumpers, headlights and windshields

Mark from Florida made a road trip to and from Texas. When he returned home, the Gulf coast left these little surprises on his SUV. He used CWP ProClean™ and they′re gone!

CWP ProClean removed Smoking Residue from Headliner and upholstery

Roland, From Virginia sent us these photos of the roof liners for his Pathfinder. Turns out he inherited this truck from a neighbor and heavy smoker (15 years in this truck). Roland used CWP ProClean™ and with the assistance of a small upholstery cleaner, cleaned the entire truck roof liner to carpet, removing the smoking stains and all the smell!

CWP ProClean cleans every part of the engine, metal, rubber, plastic and paint

Tom from Pennsylvania shared these before and after photos of his tractor engine. He explained that he spray on CWP ProClean™ let it soak a while then rinsed it with a garden host.

CWP ProClean is the best cleaner for heavy grease and grime

This valve cover from a tractor illustrates quite clearly just how tough a mess CWP ProClean™ can clean.

CWP ProClean Farm cleanes your entire tractor, cabin, engine and wheels

This utility tractor illustrated the Multi-Surface power of CWP ProClean™. Here the owner used CWP ProClean™ on the entire tractor, from the cover to the paint, engine, tires & Wheels, even the vinyl seats.

CWp ProClean is an excellent Brake Dust Remover

CWP ProClean™ does a great job cleaning wheels and tires. It even cuts through stubborn brake dust as you see in this before and after photo.


CWP ProClean FARM & RANCH line of productsCWP ProClean AUTO line of products

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