Clean Your Boat FAST & EASY!

CWP ProClean Marine™ Boat & Watercraft Cleaner is ready made to clean you boat, stem to stern.  Our customers range from small pleasure boat owners to commercial fisherman!

Removing Black Mold.

For most pleasure boat owners, black mold is a challenge. As the sun and weather take their toll on your finish, mold penetrates deeper and deeper into surface like fiberglass, fabric and vinyl. The worse part is mold will actually degrade the surface.

For many the go to solution is Bleach but Don’t Do It! Sure it will “bleach” the mold but will destroy the resins in your gelcoat. fiberglass and vinyl in the process, opening up these surface to even more mold. CWP ProClean Marine™ take a different approach. Our chemists developed a cleaner with a blend of more than 8 surfactants designed to break the mold’s molecular bonds with the surface, allowing for an easy rinse with water.

For most recent mold growth simply spray on CWP ProClean MARINE™, let it work a few minutes, and wipe it off with a damp sponge or microfiber cloth.  If black mold has been a recurring problem, you might need to use a soft scrubbing to aid in removing layers of mold and discoloration.

The great part is, run off from the cleaner will not damage other boat surfaces (will actually clean them), won’t harm you or your family and won’t harm fish or aquatic plant life.  And it’s multi-surface and multi-purpose. Use it to remove:

  • Oil, grease and exhaust residue from your boat′s engine

  • Blood and fish waste from your bait box

  • Dirt, mold and algae from the bilge

  • Insect waste and dirt from Bimini top

  • Dirt and stains from your boat cover

  • Road grime from the boat trailer

  • Makes a great bucket wash too!

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