Winter Cleaning

Winter Cleaning

Cleaning the Fireplace.

If you have a wood or pellet burning fireplace with a glass front, there is a good chance that there is a buildup of dirty and dangerous soot and creosote. As you can see on this pellet burning fireplace, there is a buildup of very tough oil residue. Fortunately, CWP ProClean ULTIMATE™ Professional Grade Cleaning, make sure work of it. First, make sure the surface is cool. Then, just spray it on, let it work for a few minute sand wipe it off with a paper towel. For really baked on stuff, repeat the process.
Easy Tips!

  1. Most fireplace doors are removable. To avoid the product running, or should you need to let is work a bit longer, remove the doors, place them on a work table and then clean
  2. Do you have soot on you stone, wood or painted mantle? ProClean ULTIMATE™ is safe to use on all these surfaces.  For painted and wood surfaces, just spray and wipe.  Repeat the process for tougher deposits.  For stone mantles, spray the stone with a light coating of water. Then spray on ProClean ULTIMATE™. Use a plastic bristle brush to gently scrub the affected areas.  Rinse with a sponge and a buck of water. You may need to repeat the process a couple times for heavier deposits but keep the rinse water clean while you do.


Remove Road Salts.

Those of us from the northern U.S. know all too well how road salts can cause rust on your car or truck.  Salt is highly corrosive to metals and its ability to hold water makes the matter worse, particularly under your car or truck and around wheel wells. The good news is ProClean cleaners work fast to break road salt and brine’s bonds to your vehicle, making it easy to rinse it off.

Easy Tip!  Hauling out the garden hose or pressure washing in the winter is a nonstarter but check out this tip we got form one of our customers. Anytime it snows enough for the road crew to use road salt or brine, Herman from Pennsylvania, says he fills up his pump spray with a 4:1 (4 parts water to 1 part cleaner) dilution of ProClean POWER™ concentrate.  When the road is sure to have a heavy road mist or rain, he coats the undercarriage of his truck and wheel wells with the ProClean POWER™ dilution and lets the road spray do the rinsing as he drives.  Genius tip Herman!  Thanks! Our ready to use ProClean ULTIMATE™ and ProClean AUTO™, work great for removing road salts too!

Clean your Boat FAST & EASY.

While it may be winter in some regions, “Winter Cleaning” for southern climates has a whole different meaning. Here we will explain how to quickly, and safely clean your boat.

CWP ProClean Marine™ Boat & Watercraft Cleaner is ready made to clean you boat, stem to stern.  Our customers range from small pleasure boat owners to commercial fisherman!

Removing Black Mold.

For most pleasure boat owners, black mold is a challenge. As the sun and weather take their toll on your finish, mold penetrates deeper and deeper into surface like fiberglass, fabric and vinyl. The worse part is mold will actually degrade the surface.

For many the go to solution is Bleach but Don’t Do It! Sure it will “bleach” the mold but will destroy the resins in your gelcoat. fiberglass and vinyl in the process, opening up these surface to even more mold. CWP ProClean Marine™ takes a different approach.  Our chemists developed a cleaner with a blend of more than 8 surfactants designed to break the mold’s molecular bonds with the surface, allowing for an easy rinse with water.

For most recent mold growth simply spray on ProClean MARINE™, let it work a few minutes, and wipe it off with a damp sponge or microfiber cloth.  If black mold has been a recurring problem, you might need to use a soft scrubbing to aid in removing layers of mold and discoloration.

The great part is, run off form the cleaner will not damage the boat surfaces, you, or aquatic life.  And it’s multi-surface and multi-purpose. Use it to clean your boat’s engine, bait box, bilge, Bimini top, boat cover, even the trailer!  Makes a great bucket wash too!

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