Cleaning up After the Storm

Cleaning up After the Storm

Hurricanes and flooding can have devastating impact on your property. An while some damage will need to be replaced, water damage to many surfaces can be cleaned successfully with non-toxic, non-Chlorine, non-flammable CWP ProSeries cleaners.

Water damage after hurricane needs immediate action. Water spreads quick throughout your personal property. Furniture finishes start to bleed, photographs, books, and other paper goods will start staining carpets and upholstery. Using ProClean POWER™ and ProCleanULTIMATE™ will help to restore your carpets and upholstery lifting dirt stains along with removing unpleasant smells.

Rising water can stain your homes exterior brick, Dryvit, stucco and vinyl siding. Many of these dirt and oils can leave a line of scum or totally discolor the exterior of your home. Using ProClean POWER™ and ProClean ULTIMATE™ will release the dirt, oils and stains from your homes exterior.

Ready-To-Use ProClean ULTIMATE is a professional grade cleaner and degreaser now available for consumer use. It is recommended for use inside, outside, home, office, shop and farm ProClean ULTIMATE™ is a powerful professional grade cleaner and degreaser. ProClean ULTIMATE™ removes grease and grime, oil, dirt, mold & algae stains & odor, oxidation, bird & animal waste, leaf & grass stains and more. ProClean ULTIMATE™ is recommended for use inside & outside, the home & office, kitchen & bath, tile & grout, porcelain, marble & granite, floors & sidewalks, driveways, trucks & cars, boats, RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, brick, Dryvit, stucco, pavers, vinyl siding, awnings, gutters, downspouts, soffit & fascia, wood decks, cedar, Ipê, teak, wood, asphalt, aluminum, metals and plastic. Can be used as a stain pretreatment on fabric and to boost detergents in laundry & dishwashers. For larger jobs, look for our convenient Gallon refill or our concentrated cleaners.

ProClean POWER™ Concentrate is a very powerful commercial and industrial non-acidic cleaner and degreaser. ProClean POWER Concentrate removes heavy grease and grime, oil, dirt, stains, mold, algae and biological fouling, oxidation, bird, insect and animal waste, leaf, plants and grass stains and most anything biological in nature. It is chemically formulated to be diluted with water in varying concentrations depending on your cleaning project (See bottle label for recommended dilution rate). ProClean POWER Concentrate is recommended for use on industrial floors and equipment, restaurants, sport facilities, schools, restrooms, tile & grout, porcelain, Travertine, parking garages, concrete walls, floors & sidewalks, boat decks & canvas tops, on & offshore drilling rigs, construction equipment, farm equipment, landscape equipment, trucks & cars, RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, brick, Dryvit, stucco, pavers, vinyl siding, awnings, gutters, downspouts, soffit & fascia, wood decks, cedar, Ipê, teak, wood, aluminum, metals and plastic. Read and follow the Preparation, Dilution & Application information carefully for best results.

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