Cleaning Concrete

Cleaning Concrete

Cleaning Concrete Sidewalks, Driveways, Patios, Floors & More!

Effective Concrete Cleaning

Concrete contaminants come in a variety of types and affect all forms of masonry. This includes concrete sidewalks and driveways, pavers and bricks use on sidewalks, patios and even landscaping. The most common and most unsightly is the growth of mold, mildew and algae.  Others concrete contaminants include pollen, tree sap, animal and insect waste, motor oil and cooking oils (think around your grill on the patio or deck).

CWP ProClean’s™ Complete Concrete Cleaning Solution

Our CWP ProClean™ line of cleaners are perfect for cleaning concrete and masonry around the home. CWP ProClean™ cleaners are specifically engineered to clean a broad spectrum of contaminants in a formulation called “4 Part Cleaning™“.  They break down all types of organic matter, protein-based waste and cooking and motor oils that can then be easily rinsed away with plain water.

How it works

As you can see from the above images, mold and mildew appear as dark blotches on concrete. When applied, the fungi markers in CWP ProClean™ turn the contaminants reddish or yellow, indicating both the presence of mold & mildew and that the cleaner is chemically reacting with and breaking down the mold & mildew. After letting it dwell for a few minutes, the cleaner and contaminants can be rinsed away with a garden home or pressure washer resulting in the clean sidewalk on the right. And notice there is no dead grass along the sidewalk. All CWP ProClean™ cleaners are safe to use around your lawn, plants, family or pets when use as directed.

Cleaning sidewalk Cleaning Sidewalk

Cleaning Driveway Cleaning Driveway

Cleaning Brick Cleaning Brick

Cleaning Split Block Cleaning Split Block

What to use

For larger jobs, we recommend using CWP ProClean POWER Concentrated Cleaner™. This one gallon makes 5 or more gallons of cleaner. It’s idea for big cleaning jobs or just to keep a steady supply of cleaning on hand. CWP ProClean ULTIMATE Professional Grade Cleaner™ is a ready to use formula, perfect for all-surface all-purpose cleaning including the type of contaminants you see above. If mold, mildew and algae are the problem, use CWP ProClean Mold, Mildew & Algae™ remover for cleaning that lasts longer! Easy Tips!

  1. Pre-treat first.  Our cleaners are designed to penetrate deep into a contaminant. We recommend using a pump sprayer to apply the cleaners allowing it to dwell several minutes before rinsing. For heavy deposits and speedier removal, agitate the contamination with a brush before rinsing.
  2. Don’t apply cleaner to hot surface. Part of the magic of our cleaners is their deep penetration. Hot surfaces can evaporate the product before it gets deep enough to work effectively. If work on a hot day, cool the surface with water before cleaning.
  3. Works with pressure washers. Using CWP ProClean™ with your pressure washer will definitively step up your game.  Although it can be added to your pressure washer’s additive tank, for best results, pretreat the area with the cleaner, then use your pressure washer to blast away that dirt.

Use CWP ProClean™ cleaners before painting. In addition to dirt, mold, mildew, algae, pollen and tree saps, many outdoor painted surfaces oxidize over time. Before you repaint, cleaning theses surfaces with CWP ProClean™ cleaners, to prepare the surface for paint. If cleaning removes paint in spots, its confirmation repainting is needed.  In many cases, the surface just needs cleaned.

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