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De Sitter’s Law of Fives!

A major repair can be expected to cost roughly five times what routine maintenance would have cost. An all-out replacement will cost five times what major repair would have cost. So …… the longer you defer your capital spending, the bigger the bill when it is finally due!


What is Concrete? “Instant rock”-just add water to make a hard wet sponge.

Concrete is an excellent material, but not perfect. You don’t have to look very far to find concrete problems. Number one failure of concrete is environmental conditions 38%. The next highest is concrete quality 15%.  De Sitter’s Law of Fives!  A major repair can be expected to cost roughly five times what routine maintenance would have cost. An all-out replacement will cost five times what major repair would have cost. So …… the longer you defer your capital spending, the bigger the bill when it is finally due! Most of these problems are avoidable.


All concrete cracks. Almost everyone has cracks in their concrete and since there are so many reasons why concrete cracks it is often impossible to know the exact reason. Only 14% of concrete failures are due to workmanship and poor installation. Water intrusion, Freezing and thawing, salt intuition that causes Rebar to Spall from years for deicing salt causing concrete to crack.


Popouts are conical in shape that breaks out the surface of the concrete. Popouts normally caused by expansion of porous aggregate particles having a high rate of absorption. The high rate of absorption of this moisture or freezes under moist conditions, swell and creates internal pressure causing the aggregate particles to pop.


Spalling concrete is concrete that has cracked due to moisture intrusion and salt intrusion causes the structural reinforce rebar to rust. The signs of spalling are easy to spot. The surface will become rough and flaky, and may pit. In some cases, chunks of concrete break loose from the installation. The concrete can also start to crack, especially if large chunks break off.

CWP ProSeries Sealers and Coatings prevent environmental conditions from attacking concrete. Concrete cannot be sealed without being properly cleaned.

Mold and AlgaeMold and Algae

If Mold and Algae is present use CWP ProClean CL-5100 Mold & Algae.

Heavy Dirt & OilHeavy Dirt & Oil

If Heavy dirt and oil is present use CWP ProClean CL-5500 Concentrate.

Rust & StainsRust & Stains

If Rust or other mineral deposits are present, use ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain Remover.

Prevent ReoccurencePrevent Reoccurence

CWP ProSeries Sealers will protect concrete from these environmental conditions.

CWP ProSeries Sealers

ProSeal Bio WB-1275 Concentrate is a solvent-free concentrated blend of siloxane and silane enhanced with a biostatic agent designed for job site dilution with clean water. The unique silicone micro emulsion creates an effective water repellent for a wide variety of substrates such as split face solid block, architectural concrete, clay brick, clay tile, sandstone and clay and concrete pavers. ProSeal Bio WB-1275 Concentrate is protected against degradation by many types of microorganisms. ProSeal Bio WB-1275 will resist the accumulation of biological growth and is an excellent means for protecting masonry from water penetration leading to freeze/thaw damage, efflorescence and dirt accumulation. Protection of this nature allows for lengthening of the substrate life. Learn more!

ProSeal SB-2100 Penetrating contains 10% solids siloxane resin solutions in low odor solvent carriers that gives deep penetration into the masonry surface for a long lasting hydrophobic effect. ProSeal SB-2100 Penetrating is a reactive copolymer which does not require a catalyst and will treat all porous masonry to form a durable water repellent surface and subsurface. Learn more!

ProSeal WB-1500 Granite & Marble Enhancer is designed to be extremely water-repellent and stain resistant on Granite, Marble, Natural Stone and manufactured stone. It will enhances the beauty of the natural colors in the stone. ProSeal WB-1500 is specially formulated with an anti-microbial compound that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, and other fungi for easy cleaning. Learn more!


CWP ProCoat C-3000 is designed to protect concrete surfaces against damage from water, oil, stains, mild acids, heavy traffic, abrasion, mold and algae. CWP ProCoat C-3000 is extremely durable, UV stable, and peel and flake resistant. It protects concrete and masonry surfaces from the destructive forces of water, chloride ion penetration, food and beverage acids, bird and animal waste matter, salt spray, gum, graffiti and biological growth like mold and algae. Ideal for use in “Big Box” store flooring, warehouse flooring, decorative Concrete flooring, food production facilities and even laboratories. Learn More!


  • Schools
  • Pharmaceutical houses
  • Exterior storage tanks
  • Institutional kitchens
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Tile-like wall coating
  • Interior institutional/commercial high maintenance areas
  • Upgrade surfaces painted with conventional coatings to a high performance protection system without lifting and bleeding
  • Low odor/no shutdown sanitary coating system
  • Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities
  • Acceptable for use in high performance architectural applications

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