CWP ProSeries Sealers

Our Sealers are designed to be extremely water-repellent, stain and mold-resistant on almost any substrate including concrete, slate, unmodified grout, brick, stucco and both natural and artificial stone. It will not change the appearance of the underlying surface.

CWP ProSeries Sealers work by using the molecular structure of certain chemicals to penetrate deep into a substrate, forming a barrier that moisture simply cannot not penetrate, creating a surface that provides a barrier against moisture and the problems it creates. Not only does CWP ProSeries Sealers last longer than traditional sealers, it offers a very cost-effective protection against moisture, stains, ice, dirt and mold. Can be used on historic buildings and on surfaces where it’s important that the protection is invisible.

Concrete Illustration

Concrete Surface

This illustration shows surface imperfections, general porosity and reinforcing rebar in concrete.

Damage to Concrete without Sealer

Unsealed Concrete

Unseals Concrete fails by allowing dirt, stains and moisture to penetrate causing spalling and deterioration of concrete.

Sealde Concrete

Sealed Concrete

CWP ProSeries Sealers penetrate deep into any porous surface to form a hydrophobic surface the prevent water intrusion, damage and stains.

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ProSeal Bio WB-1275 Concentrate is a solvent-free concentrated blend of siloxane and silane enhanced with a biostatic agent designed for job site dilution with clean water. The unique silicone micro emulsion creates an effective water repellent for a wide variety of substrates such as split face solid block, architectural concrete, clay brick, clay tile, sandstone and clay and concrete pavers. ProSeal Bio WB-1275 Concentrate is protected against degradation by many types of microorganisms. ProSeal Bio WB-1275 Concentrate will resist the accumulation of biological growth and is an excellent means for protecting masonry from water penetration leading to freeze/thaw damage, efflorescence and dirt accumulation. Protection of this nature allows for lengthening of the substrate life. Learn more!