Grease and Oil on Tools and Auto Parts

Recommended Products: ProClean POWER Concentrate™, ProClean ULTIMATE Professional Grade Cleaner™

Suggested Dilution Rate: Full Strength to 4:1

Instructions: Remove dirt and debris from tools and auto parts to be clean. We recommend the use a sprayer to spray cleaner onto all surfaces. Give the product sufficient time to work…slight agitation might be required…don’t let product dry on surface, Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer or garden hose.

Description: ProClean POWER™ and ProClean ULTIMATE™ are formulated to break up grease. Unlike most oil and grease cleaner that merely put oil in suspension (cloudy white appearance), our products break up grease and oils at a molecular level making them dissolve in water. You can use ProClean POWER™ and ProClean ULTIMATE™ to remove grease and oil from your hands (rinse thoroughly with water), use it as a pretreater to remove stains form clothing and add to your laundry to boost your normal detergents cleaning power.

There’s More!  Check out how well ProClean ULTIMATE™ did on this Truck engine! A customer from Florida shared these photos.  On a cool engine, he sprayed on ProClean ULTIMATE™, gave it a few minutes to do its magic and hosed it off with a garden hose.

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