Heavy Grease Deposits

Recommended Products: ProClean POWER Concentrate™, ProClean ULTIMATE Professional Grade Cleaner™

Suggested Dilution Rate: Full Strength to 4:1

Instructions: The ProSeries brand of cleaner is a perfect degreaser for engine and equipment. It’s scalable, meaning you can use it full strength or diluted as circumstances requires and on a broad ranges of substrates including engines, rubber hoses and painted metal. We recommend the use a spray bottle to spray cleaner onto all surfaces.  After spraying the product on the engine, give the product sufficient time to work…slight agitation might be required.  Don’t let product dry on surface as it needs to be wet to work. Misting with a spray bottle of water or additional product will work fine. Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer or garden hose.

Description: You can use the product on warm engine but not hot. It’s not flammable but will dry quickly defeating its purpose. ProClean POWER™ and ProClean ULTIMATE™ are chemically designed to penetrate deep into the grease, however, the products need to remain wet to do so. If using the product in hot temperature, keep the product wet by misting it with water or additional product. Finally rinse the area with a garden hose or pressure washer if desire. Our experience is that most of the grease will be removed easily however, heavy deposits may require repeat application. Caution, ProClean POWER™ will react with aluminum. Although safe for most application, if you equipment has polished aluminum, protect it from contact with the cleaner.

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