Oil, Grease and Grime

Oil, Grease and Grime
The Oil, Grease and Grime Problem

CWP ProSeries™ cleaner are the last cleaners you will ever need to clean oi, grease and grime.

For all the benefits of oils in our daily live, be it in our cars or in the kitchen, oils cleanup presents a problem. Oils by chemical nature are hydrophobic, meaning they resist water, so cleaning them up without dangerous chemicals has been a problem. To make matters worse, if you don’t clean them 100%, oil residue will attract and hold dirt and other contaminants. We will take a brief look at the problem and discuss how CWP ProSeries™ cleaners help resolve your oil residue problem.

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Mark and Sue from Florida sent us these pictures of his truck engine. He tells us he sprayed on ProClean Ultimate Professional Grade Cleaner™ and rinsed it off with a garden hose. You can see the results for yourself.
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Sue challenged our claims that it cleans everything. Here she sprayed ProClean Ultimate™ on a baked-on spill in his oven and let it sit overnight. The next morning she wiped it clean with a paper towel. No fumes and no mess.

What Else Can it Do

CWP ProSeries™ are commercial grade cleaners and degreaser; they’re that powerful. As a degreaser, they clean a lot more around your home, like lawnmowersLawnmowers are notorious for getting an oil film of engine oil, exhaust resident and every combination of grass clippings, pollen and dirt. Left unchecked, the build up will begin to hold moisture, penetrate the paint or powdercoat and start to rust. CWP ProSeries™ can avoid all that.  Take a look at these submission from some of our customers.

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John from Delaware has a big yard and a lawn tractor to go with it. It was showing its age so he hit it with some ProClean ULTIMATE™ and his garden hose.  You can see the result for yourself.  Take a loot at the plastic, rubber and vinyl.  All Clean!
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Tom, one of our early customers in Pennsylvania, manages a cemetery.  He’s used our product for everything from roof cleaning and grave stone cleaning. Here he used ProClean ULTIMATE™ with a garden hose rinse on the cemetery’s tractor. Safe to use on rubber, plastic and even electrical wires.

Cleaning oily messes around the home.

Oily messes in the kitchen can start by fine miss of cooking oils that settle on other surface around the kitchen. Over time this sticky coating attracts dust, mold spores, insect waste and more. CWP ProSeries™, can remove all that.  Its proprietary “4 Part Cleaning” means that it can clean the oily mess as well as the dust, dirt, mold spore s and insect waste all int he same product. Lets take a look.

Clean cooking oil residue in the Kitchen


Removes oil and dirt from appliances

[one_half]Cleans smoke residue

Cleans Smoke Residue and Creosote left on Fireplaces. These images were taken from the inside of the glass door looking out.


CWP ProSeries™ Clean Where Others Fail

CWP ProSeries™ cleaners take a targeted approach to algae, mold, mildew and other fungi.  First, our cleaners are designed to penetrate deep into the contaminant breaking down the molecular structure of the contaminant. Next, our proprietary mode-of-action, penetrate deep into the substrate, breaking the bonds holding the contaminant and spores to the substrate. Finally, our cleaners render the contaminant water soluble so that it can be easily rinsed with plain water.

What Cleaner to Use

By design, all CWP ProSeries™ cleaners have the power to clean oily messes. The truth is, oily messes are almost always more than just oil.  That said,  ProClean ULTIMATE Professional Grade Cleaner™ is perfect for oil messes around your kitchen, garage and home. This ready-to-use cleaner and degreaser is a commercial-grade all-purpose, all-surface cleaner with the optimal power to break down oil contaminants. For bigger cleaning projects, use ProClean POWER, Concentrated Cleaner™, the same powerful formula, designed to be diluted making 5 gallons or more cleaner.

Tips for Removing Bad Oil Stains

PoulticeTry “Poulticing.”  A poultice is a large bandage, commonly used in medical treatment for large wounds. In the cleaning business, poulticing is commonly used to restore historic buildings.

In treating an oil stain (or other type of stains) first clean the area with CWP ProSeries cleaners and allow it to thoroughly dry. If the stain is still visible, spray CWP ProSeries cleaner onto the stained area. Minimize overspray to avoid enlarging the stain. Then take a clean absorbent rag or several paper towels and fold several layers to a size a bit larger than the stain. Saturate the rag or towel with CWP ProSeries cleaner of your choice and apply it to the stained area.  Take a piece of clean plastic and cover the rag or towel, covering an area a few inches larger than the towel. Use packing tape or heavy duty tape and secure the edges. Let it sit for a couple days. After a couple days, remove the bandage and allow the area to dry. if the stain is still visible after drying, repeat the process until the stain is gone.

During the wait time, the cleaner will constantly work at a molecular level, to break down the contaminant. The towel provides both a constant source of cleaner as well as absorbing the release stain material.