ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain Remover

Quick Facts

  • Removes Rust and Manganese Stains
  • Works on hard water deposits & mortar stains
  • Granite, sandstone, slate, fired brick, ceramic tile & concrete
  • Works on metal, painted and plastic surfaces (test first)

Rust can be an eyesore and in some cases a big NO! That recently happened at a luxury community. The community relied upon a well to supply water to their irrigation system. One problem: heavy iron deposits in the water. As the top left portion of the photo shows, just about everything was stained rust red. The contractor hired to remove the rust had trouble finding the right solution until he found CWP ProClean CL-5200 Rust Stain Remover. When he was done, the place looked brand new.

cl-5200_2sizesProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain Remover is an advanced Rust/Manganese & Stain Remover. In many cases, these stains have become or are approaching the point of being a scale more so than a stain. The extensive corrosion of rusting iron attachments to masonry structures can create heavy staining that only a product like ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain Remover can remove. This carefully selected blend of acids and surfactants has solved a long-standing problem in the restoration industry that, in the past, had been delegated to abrasive cleaning and the probability of an unwanted change in the appearance of the masonry. Granite, sandstone, slate, fired brick, ceramic tile and concrete have all been successfully cleaned with ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain Remover. ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain Remover can also remover most hard water deposits and mortar stains from these substrates. This product is not recommended for polished surfaces.

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Provide protection for foliage, pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Protect all surfaces and situations where damage might result from spillage or material drift.

Test Area
All projects should start with a test application to determine the suitability of the cleaner, acceptable application method and possible dilution and dwell time. Begin by soaking the surface to be cleaned with water prior to application of ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain Remover. Soaking the surface prior to application of the product is designed to reduce the penetration of the cleaner where it is not wanted and to keep it on the surface where it is needed. The final determination of product acceptance should not be made until the test area has become dry in order to check for possible adverse reactions.

In most cases, ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain Remover can be used dilution with 1 to 3 parts water or full-strength. For more information visit

ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain Remover can be applied with acid brushes, chemical resistant rollers or low pressure spray. Dwell time should be determined by test area results. After the predetermined dwell time has passed, rinse the surface with a quick low pressure rinse. This is necessary to remove excess cleaner and stop the reaction. Agitate with either stiff masonry brush, brass brush or power washer when removing heavy deposits. Care should be exercised in the selection of tips and pressures to avoid doing damage to the surface.

ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain RemoverTM is for use by professional contractors only. Do not use ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain RemoverTM for the removal of manganese stains from brick masonry. ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain RemoverTM may remove color from colored mortar, some sandstone, colored cast stone, colored concrete and concrete block of any material containing natural iron oxide and some other metallic additives.

Precautionary Statements
All applicators must wear OSHA recommended protective equipment. ProClean CL-5200 Rust & Stain Remover contains strong acids, so it is important to avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Undiluted and diluted product can cause irritation and burns. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not ingest or inhale the cleaner, modify the cleaner with any material other than water or use the cleaner for any non-recommended purposes. Refer to the ProClean CL-5200 SDS sheet for more information and for treatment for persons exposed to or reacting to the cleaner.

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