ProSeal Bio WB-1275 Concentrate

Quick Facts

  • Water Repellent
  • Vapor Permeable
  • Protects Against Mold & Algae
  • Prevents Freeze Thaw Damage
  • Lengthens Substrate life
  • Doesn’t Change Substrate Color
  • Chemically Bonds to Substrate
  • Use on SplitFace Block, Clay Brick & Clay Tile
  • Architectual Concrete, Sandstone & Concrete Pavers

Mold covered brick might work on an historic building, but on a school, hospital, luxury condos it’s unacceptable. Following a deep cleaning with ProClean CL-5100 Mold and Algae the ultimate protection against mold and algae recurrence and any moisture related damage is our ProSeal Bio WB-1275 Concentrate.

ProSeal Bio WB-1275 Concentrate is a solvent-free concentrated blend of siloxane and silane enhanced with a biostatic agent designed for job site dilution with clean water. The unique silicone micro emulsion creates an effective water repellent for a wide variety of substrates such as split face solid block, architectural concrete, clay brick, clay tile, sandstone and clay and concrete pavers. The surface will resist the accumulation of biological growth and is an excellent means for protecting masonry from water penetration leading to freeze/thaw damage, efflorescence and dirt accumulation and damage caused by mold and algae. Protection of this nature allows for lengthening of the substrate life.

ProSeal Bio WB-1275 Concentrate is formulated not to effect a color change when properly diluted. The product physically and chemically bonds to the substrate, is UV stable, VOC compliant and is highly vapor permeable.

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