Removing Road Salts

Those of us from the northern U.S. know all too well how road salts can cause rust on your car or truck.  Salt is highly corrosive to metals and its ability to hold water makes the matter worse, particularly under your car or truck and around wheel wells. The good news is ProClean cleaners work fast to break road salt and brine’s bonds to your vehicle, making it easy to rinse it off.

Easy Tip!  Hauling out the garden hose or pressure washing in the winter is a nonstarter but check out this tip we got form one of our customers. Anytime it snows enough for the road crew to use road salt or brine, Herman from Pennsylvania, says he fills up his pump spray with a 4:1 (4 parts water to 1 part cleaner) dilution of ProClean POWER concentrate.  When the road is sure to have a heavy road mist or rain, he coats the undercarriage of his truck and wheel wells with the ProClean POWER dilution and lets the road spray do the rinsing as he drives.  Genius tip Herman!  Thanks! Our ready to use ProClean ULTIMATE and ProClean AUTO, work great for removing road salts too!

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