Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Our CWP ProSeries™ line of cleaners was made for Spring Cleaning. During the winter months a variety of contaminants accumulate on exterior surfaces. They include things like dirt, mold, mildew, algae, leaf liter stains, pollen, animal and insect waste, smoke residue and more.  Our cleaners are specifically engineered to clean a broad spectrum of contaminants breaking down organic matter, protein-based waste and kitchen and motor oils so that they can be rinsed away with plain water.

Our product were developed for use and are actively in use in hospitals, school and government facilities, becasue in addition to effective cleaning, they are non-toxic, contain no solvents, are chlorine free and don’t have nauseous fumes or hazardous run-off.

As you can see from these pictures, our cleaners are perfect for removing streaks from your roof tile, algae buildup on you siding, faded wood fencing and siding, discolor and faded vinyl fencing, stains and discoloration on your sidewalks. It even cleans your lawn equipment, boat, RV, ATVs car and truck!

Easy Tips!

  1. Pre-treat first.  Our cleaners are designed to penetrate deep into a contaminant. We recommend using a pump sprayer to apply the cleaners allowing it to dwell several minutes before rinsing. For heavy deposits and speedier removal, agitate the contamination with a brush before rinsing.
  2. Don’t apply cleaner to hot surface.  Part of the magic of our cleaners is their deep penetration.  Hot surfaces can evaporate the product before it get deep enough to work effectively.  If work on a hot day, cool the surface with water before cleaning.
  3. Works with pressure washers.  Using CWP ProSeries™ with your pressure washer will definitively step up your game.  Although it can be added to your pressure washer’s additive tank, for best results, pretreat the area with the cleaner, then use your pressure washer to blast away that dirt.

For more “How To” tips, visit our “How To” guides.