Summer Cleaning

Summer Cleaning

When Summer comes around, you can trust CWP ProSeries® line of cleaners to keep it clean, whatever it is. Perhaps a boat, RV, ATV, or maybe just cleaning the car after a road trip.

During the summer months, you can expect a wide variety of contaminants to attach themselves to your stuff. For vehicles used on a summer road trip, insect waste is a problem. High in proteins, insects that splatter on you windshield and truck finish, won’t budge from a basic car wash. Insect waste is no problem for CWP ProSeries® products. Our cleaners are specifically engineered to clean a broad spectrum of contaminants, including denaturing proteins (See our science page for more on that) removing the ‘stickiness’, rendering insect waste water soluble, and easy to wipe away.

Road repairs, common in the Summer, create another source of dirt; road tar.  The heavy tars used to bind asphalt, can be splashed on your finish as you drive over a new stretch of pavement.  Tar is a sticky, oil-based product, specifically chosen for roads because its relatively cheap, doesn’t degrade rapidly from heavy traffic, heat, or water. That makes it almost impossible to clean without dangerous solvents, until now.  CWP ProSeries® products contain cleaners specifically designed to break down oil-based contaminants, like tar, oil, heavy grease, cooking oil, even smoke residue. So when you’re done removing the road tar, use it to clean your engine, the stove, even your grill. Its that powerful!

RVs and camping gear. 

If you have an RV, you know quite well what faces you when you when you open it up after the off season or even just a week or two; musty smells and an accumulation of mold, mildew and algae. If your RV or camper spends much of the year among the trees, you can also expect an heavy dose of pollen and tree sap. CWP ProSeries® cleaners, have you covered there too! The secret to our growing success among RV owners and outdoorsman, is the wide variety of contaminants CWP ProSeries® product can clean and the fact they can be used on every surface. In an RV this is critical. On the outside you’ll need to clean tires, metal, fiberglass, painted surfaces, plastics and vinyl, glass, even the engine.  Inside you paneling, appliances, curtains, flooring, showers and toilets, and seat cushions. Our products were developed for use and are actively in use in hospitals, school and government facilities, because, in addition to effective cleaning, they are non-toxic, contain no solvents, are chlorine-free and don’t have nauseous fumes or hazardous run-off.

As you can see from these pictures, our cleaners are perfect for removing algae and tree sap accumulation on an RV’s finish.  Its also safe to use on fabrics, like curtains and awnings, with NO fading or discoloration. It can have those outdoor chairs looking like new too! Grill looking a bit dingy? CWP ProSeries® cleaners cut through smoke residue like no other cleaning product.

Perhaps you have a cabin.  We clean that too; everything from the wood timber to the fireplace, wood floors, appliances and more.

Easy Tips!

  1. Pre-treat first.  Our cleaners are designed to penetrate deep into a contaminant. We recommend using a pump sprayer to apply the cleaners allowing it to dwell several minutes before rinsing. For heavy deposits and speedier removal, agitate the contamination with a brush before rinsing.
  2. Don’t apply cleaner to hot surface. Part of the magic of our cleaners is their deep penetration. Hot surfaces can evaporate the product before it gets deep enough to work effectively. If work on a hot day, cool the surface with water before cleaning.
  3. Works with pressure washers. Using CWP ProSeries® with your pressure washer will definitively step up your game.  Although it can be added to your pressure washer’s additive tank, for best results, pretreat the area with the cleaner, then use your pressure washer to blast away that dirt.

Use CWP ProSeries® cleaners before painting. In addition to dirt, mold, mildew, algae, pollen and tree saps, many outdoor painted surfaces oxidize over time. Before you repaint, cleaning theses surfaces with CWP ProSeries® cleaners, to prepare the surface for paint. If cleaning removes paint in spots, its confirmation repainting is needed.  In many cases, the surface just needs cleaned.

For more “How To” tips, visit our “How To” guides.