Tile Floor Renewal & Protection

Postal Plaza Convenience Store Washington, DC

Project: Cleaning Quarry Tile and Gout and Coating with Procoat C-3000.

Convenience Store FloorDescription: Convenience store customers leave behind large amounts dirt and stains. Numerous surveys show that a dirty floors and restrooms leave customer with the impression of an unsanitary establishment. Postal Plaza Convenience Store had years of ground in dirt and stains on their Quarry Tile and grout. Regular Mopping never left the floor looking clean.

Cleaning the Cory Tile and Grout with ProClean CL-5500 removed years of dirt and stains. ProClean CL-5500 deeply cleaned the grout from black to its original gray. Coating the Cory Tile and Grout with ProCoat C-3000 leaves a hard high gloss finish.
Results: Now you walk into the Postal Plaza Convenience Store to a clean floor that welcomes customers and put them in a purchasing mood. No more dirt migrating into the grout stained tiles. The floor has become a maintenance free floor. After coating with ProCoat C-3000 we recommend a microfiber mop and water.

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