Vinyl & Aluminum Siding

Vinyl & Aluminum Siding

Recommended Product: ProClean POWER Concentrate™, ProClean ULTIMATE™ or ProClean MOLD, MILDEW and ALGAE™.

Suggested Dilution Rate: 4:1 (4 parts water to 1 part cleaner.)

HT siding spray cleanerInstructions: Spray on CWP ProSeries Cleaner.  We recommend the use a pump sprayer or trigger sprayer to spray cleaner onto all surfaces. The cleaner can be used on vinyl and aluminum siding, soffit and fascia, doors and hardware, plastic and wood shutters, vinyl, aluminum and fabric canvas awnings and other surfaces around siding, Give the product sufficient time to work…slight agitation might be required…don’t let product dry HT siding pressurewashon surface. Mist occasionally with water, if needed. Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer or garden hose.

ProClean POWER™, ProClean ULTIMATE™ or ProClean MOLD, MILDEW and ALGAE™ work well on windows, however, product should be diluted to avoid streaks. We suggest using a dilution of 20:1.

Description: ProClean POWER™, ProClean ULTIMATE™ or ProClean MOLD, MILDEW and ALGAE™ are especially formulated to remove organic material such as grass stains, mold, algae, dirt and grease as well as oxidation associated with some vinyl and aluminum products. 

HT siding before  HT siding after

rv-back-b4-after2Customer Submission – Cleaning Aluminum Siding on an RV.

Our customer Tom from Pennsylvania has been a loyal customer since finding us on Amazon.  He’s used our ProClean ProClean POWER Concentrate™, ProClean ULTIMATE™ and ProClean MOLD, MILDEW and ALGAE™.

One of his projects was to clean his 20 year old RV that he stores on site at a campground in the Appalachian mountains for Pennsylvania. The area is among the trees, stays damp much of the time and his RV is plagued by mold, algae, tree droppings. As you can see in the pictures The RV exterior is aluminum siding. Tom told use he sprayed down the exterior using just a spray bottle of ProClean ULTIMATE™, rubbed is a bit with a car body brush rv-back-b4attached to a garden hose as you can see in the first picture below and then just rinsed.   He made his RV look awesome! His last report came about 6 months after his cleaning project and he reports the RVs till looks awesome.

A few more words.

Our ProSeries brand of cleaners contain chemicals that are chemically blended to quickly release contaminants, such as dirt, mold, algae, tree sap, bug waste, and more from a wide variety of surfaces. The products start to work instantly as you’ll see the dirt start to rv-back-b4-afterrun almost immediately. You may need to add a little bit of ‘agitation’ as Tom did with the body brush to free some contaminants, like years of algae accumulation, dirt and tree droppings, but as you do, the product continues to work, getting deeper into the surface to remove any stains and shadows that may be left. If shadows remain, reapply the cleaner and let it soak in before rinsing.

Runoff. Our products are neutralized by water. So as you rinse with water, the product runs off is rendered harmless and won’t hurt animals, kids, plants, trees, grass or wildlife.